Explore Ecuador

Ecuador is the smallest Andean country in Latin America. Located between Colombia and Peru and where the equator line crosses all 4 regions of the country: the unique Galapagos Archipelago, the undiscovered Pacific coast, the high scenery Andean highlands and the pristine Amazon basin. This friendly country is mega diverse and absolutely a visit worth.


The Galapagos Islands

Declared as a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site in 1978, Galapagos is considered as an absolutely unique place on earth. After Charles Darwin visited Galapagos in 1835 he wrote his book ´On the Origin of Species`, based on his theory of evolution by natural selection.
The volcanic islands are located in the Pacific Ocean and some 1000 kilometers west of the Ecuadorian coast. Here flow three ocean currents together which makes the marine live incredible rich. Galapagos has, due to its isolated location, a special animal life.
You can explore the islands by cruise or a land based package can be tailored for you. 4 Of the 19 large islands are inhabited. Other Islands are part of the National Park and visits are strictly regimented. If you like to explore, learn, enjoy nature & wildlife, photography, or just seek a relaxing end of your holiday, Galapagos offers interesting options for all.

The Pacific coast

The coastal region receives relatively few foreign visitors, which is surprising, as it offers so much more than only natural beauty. Quiet beaches along the “La Ruta del Spondylus” , local fishermen who offer the catch of the day, mangrove forests, National Parks and cacao farms with its chocolate production is just a glimpse. The Pacific lowland is very green and fertile and is home to huge banana and cocoa plantations, rice and sugar cane fields, exceptionally good cuisine and characteristic lodgings.

The Andean highlands

The highlands of Ecuador also named `La Sierra´ runs from north to south. It is marked by snow-capped volcanoes, green valleys, humid cloud forests, local villages, colorful markets and colonial cities. There is more to discover than only the Otavalo market and Cotopaxi National Park, two highly visited places. The Avenue of Volcanoes, named by Alexander von Humboldt, is a carousel of constant changing sceneries with nice daily temperatures and cooler nights.
There are large numbers of off outdoor experiences like walking, hiking, trekking and climbing in remote areas as well as cultural and wildlife discoveries.

The Amazon basin

East of the Andes there is tropical lowland – the Amazon basin which biological environment is diverse with an untouched nature and pristine areas. Did you know that here habits a rare bat with a spectacularly long tongue, jacquards and shy tapirs walking carefully and unnoticeable at night, pink river dolphins, hauling monkeys and uncountable birds that can be the best heard at night. This is also the land of various Indigenous tribes. Ecuador needs your visit to contribute to the protection of this so beautiful and endangered forest.
Accommodation in lovely and comfortable lodges will make your Amazon stay memorable.