Campus Adventures


Campus Adventures was founded in 1999, notwithstanding, our travel and business experience goes back much longer. Since then, the company has grown steadily toward a mid-size enterprise, specialized as an exclusive all-on-foot specialist and DMC in Ecuador. The different approach of Campus Adventures is to create meaningful custom-made travel that you will never forget.

From our start, our passion for exploring & discovering, meeting & learning, nature & sustainability has become our purpose to be a trusted, dynamic and serious company.

Together with our dedicated team we love to plan and organize responsible, safe, active and authentic holidays. Good practices of sustainable tourism are currently implemented as much as possible. The creation of a valuable support to local communities, nature resources and wildlife is our deepest commitment as well as meeting the highest needs and expectations of our guests.

Why with Campus Adventures

  • – Ecuadorean – Dutch Company.
  • – Ample local expertise.
  • – High value, low volume.
  • – Small group and private departures.
  • – Knowledgeable & trained guides.
  • – Safe and smooth operations.
  • – Flexible policies.
  • – Certified for sustainable and Covid Safe travels.
  • – Your visit supports responsible projects.

Your visit supports responsible projects for communities and wildlife. We donate to different organizations such as Whale and Dolphin conservation, Ceravic Asociación (Afro Ecuadorian women community), Paqocha (alpaca project), Parque Condor or just help an one-time urgent-need project in or outside Ecuador.

Our Corporative values


To be honest is to show uprightness and probity in our behaviour, it is to act according to what we express. To proceed with honesty is to admit errors and accept the consequences; it is to accomplish the agreements honouring the way they were promised. To be honest is respecting the laws and not utilize illegal means to reach goals; it is giving priority to the common well-being above the individual interest. It is expressing clearly and straightforwardly what we think and hence generate confidence upon the others.


It is a constant search of ways to know, understand and satisfy our client`s needs trying to exceed expectations as well as featuring and discovering future needs. It is to belief firmly that our client is the reason of the enterprise ‘existence. It is mandatory to understand our client´s needs, wishes, expectations and therefore take immediate action.


It is our obligation to protect and help the environment, taking into account the impact that our activities may cause. It is very important for us to conduct our business every day in such a way that our footprints generate and leave a clean and fair environment for the present and future generations.

Art work of Camilo Andrade