Covid -19 guidelines for our guests

Monthly the coronavirus news will be up dated in our blog. The health and well-being of our clients and staff we take very seriously. In order to avoid infections and spreading of Covid-19, we strongly insist to protect yourself and be conscious for others.

Health care and COVID-19 protocols, established by the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Tourism as well as the WHO and WTTC (World Tourism and Travel Council) have been implemented and our staff is trained to deal with any situation on the ground.

Campus Adventures obtained the Covid Control certification. This certification guarantees our achievement of the official and mandatory health and safety bio protocols during the COVID-19 period.

Phone numbers for Covid-19 questions: 171 and 911 (only Spanish spoken)


Protect yourself

  • – Wear a mask
  • – Maintain physical distancing of 1,5 meters at least and do not shake hands
  • – Wash your hands frequently and disinfect them with alcohol 70%
  • – Avoid crowds
  • – Avoid insufficient ventilated spaces
  • – Cough in your elbow or use a tissue
  • – Inform immediate when you feel unwell

Hygiene and disinfection

The providers of the sites you will visit and travel need to accomplish with a proper cleaning and disinfection protocol for accommodation, restaurants, equipment, transportation etc. Although it is complicated to check each place, home work is done in advance and our guide and /or driver are trained to evaluate the situation on the spot.

Accommodation, food and beverages

Guidelines for bio protocols, elaborated by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Public Health, need to be accomplished by each establishment such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. Varying from opening hours, physical distancing and avoid queuing , payments on line, web check in, using masks, an adequate food handling are some of the vital procedures.

Excursions and guidance

No matter where you travel, the guidelines for any excursion like a visit to a National park, a museum, Galapagos, the Amazon, a mountain climbing or a nice hiking, need to be followed up by all providers like guides, drivers as well as our guests. Specific instructions will be provided upon your booking and /or arrival in Ecuador.

If during an excursion or guidance a member of the staff feels unwell, immediately she/he will be replaced.


Cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining physical distancing need to be accomplished while travelling by any transport.
In order to maintain physical distancing, the mainland transportation will provide at least 1 meter distance between all participants.

Vans and buses have installed a physical barrier between driver and the guests. Consuming food and drinking while travelling is not allowed unless it is strictly necessary. Air Conditioning will be turned off and open windows might be preferable.

In Galapagos, cruises, speed boats, water taxis will follow the official bio protocols elaborated by different Ecuadorean Ministries. These protocols indicate for example frequent cleaning and disinfections, dispenses of alcohol at strategic areas, distancing and using EPP.

COVID-19 guidelines and bio protocols for airports, air planes and VIP rooms are elaborated and according to the recommendations of WHO, the international civil aviation organization, the Ministry of Public Health in Ecuador and the Municipality of Quito and Guayaquil as well as the international airport counsel.

Test PCR – negative

Upon arrival at Ecuador, a vaccination certificate with a complete doses or a negative PCR- test or a negative antigen test is requested. The test is 3 days valid from the moment taken at home. In case you visit Galapagos, a negative PCR test which is valid 96 hours from the moment the test has been taken. If you are younger than 18 years, no test is required for Galapagos.
Campus Adventures can and will assist you in case another test is required.


A valid health insurance is required for travelling in Ecuador.